Hello, I'm
I'm a game server developer and owner, previously directing some of the most significant and popular Clockwork servers in 2014, most notably Overwatch Gaming and Tempest Roleplay. I've also created multiple communities and servers afterwards, meeting friends and making many connections along the way, such as in the TF2 communities of PBFortress and Wonderland.tf. Now, I run GMOD servers for Wonderland.tf, and I'm also a web app developer, working freelance to hone my skills.

my projects

kuruzuru, my alias for a music project.
SN Forums, a forums connected to this site. Used mostly for development.
Kosaki, a constantly updating Discord bot, currently early in its development.
auxcord.cloud, a pomf.se file hosting clone. warning: had a malware breach, read more here.
Wonderland.tf, one of the most popular network of TF2 servers to date.

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